An oxirane crosslinking agent.

Suggested Uses: L-2441 is room temperature active crosslinking agent useful in improving solvent, abrasion, and temperature resistance of polyurethane coatings. L-2441 is effective in improving adhesion to many difficult leathers. Use up to five percent for most high performance footwear applications, and up to ten percent for upholstery applications.

  • Excellent hydrolysis resistance compared with other crosslinkers
  • Improves temperature, chemical and solvent resistance
  • Long pot life - up to one week or more
  • 1-year minimum shelf life
  • No re-inoculation required, crosslinked material can be used as long as it can be applied.
  • Low VOC Content (as supplied)
Unit of Measure

Physical Properties


N/A 95 %


N/A 9.9 lb


N/A Straw Colored, Transparent


N/A ~1500 cps

Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) Content (As Supplied)

N/A 0.5 g/L


N/A Can be added, with vigorous agitation, to both solvent and water borne urethane polymers. Because of its high viscosity it is recommended that a premix be made using equal parts of coating formulation and L-2441. The resulting premix can be readily incorporated into the formulation with moderate agitation.


N/A L-2441 is active even in room temperature drying conditions with complete crosslinking in ~72 hours. Elevated temperature will speed drying of the coating/adhesive, but will not decrease the time required for the crosslinking reaction.