A soft, matte finish, aliphatic, polyurethane dispersion.

Suggested Uses: HD-4626 can be used as a companion dulling agent for basecoat and topcoat formulas on full-grain, corrected, and split leathers. HD-4626 is particularly useful where the break of the leather is a concern.

Suggested Formulation:

Medium Gloss/Natural Sheen
- HD-4626, Amount - 1 part
Component - HD-2101 (or L-2969), Amount - 2 parts
Component - Water, Amount - 3 to 5 parts

Note for HD-2101 - If L-2969 is used, the addition of 0.5 parts of DPnB is required to assist film formation. For harder topcoat finishes, HD-2209 may be substituted.

  • Produces a soft, tough, dull film
  • Crosslink-able for improved chemical resistance
  • Outstanding flexibility
  • Good spraying characteristics
  • Low tack for good pile down and plate-ability
Unit of Measure

Physical Properties


N/A 25 %

Solids Tolerance

N/A ± 1 %


N/A 800 to 1200 cps


N/A 7.5 to 9.0


N/A 8.6 lb/gal


N/A May be applied as supplied by spray, or similar methods. Rheology can be modified with associative thickeners for application via roll coater.